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a pair of gray and red mittens sitting on top of a bed
two pairs of socks sitting next to a cup of coffee on a wooden floor with a mug in the background
thishandmadelife's scrappy sprocket socks #2
five pairs of colorful striped socks laying on top of each other
someone's legs with knitted socks and balls of yarn next to them on a wooden floor
a bowl of balls of yarn next to a pair of socks
a person wearing pink and yellow striped socks
two pairs of colorful socks sitting on top of a table
a person wearing colorful socks sitting on a stool with their feet up in the air
Puutarhuri-villasukat | Martat
Puutarhuri-villasukat | Martat
yarn and knitting needles laid out on the floor
colorful socks and balls of yarn on a white surface