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pcy with silver hair


Honestly my favorite picture of him

ตามไปดูทวีตของ @EXOBEAKHYUN_TB:

you’re not an « ordinary people

[SCAN] EXO "dear happiness" photobook - Cre: OliV-XOXO

Um kai is that a weed 420 what's your emergency

lost stars

Such a cutie ♥️

kai & chanyeol

Kai and Chanyeol

tumblr_ne91wyeT501rb8gm2o1_500.png (500×670)

Kai/Kim Jongin & Park Chanyeol in Black Suits & Ties♡

Chanyeol - 151017 ExoLuxion Guangzhou

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No description Bcoz he is adorably cuteeeee guy


Chanyeol - 160930 Exoplanet - The EXO’rDium in Hangzhou Credit: Giant Lovely.

tumblr_of71i7A8Ya1qfrcvxo1_540.png (540×810)

161017 Kai for Arena Homme+ Magazine November 2016 Issue

D.O with glasses is the classiest thing ever

Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung

Zo In Sung

Jo In Sung: yes Captain, sir !


KaiSoo and Yo~ Chanyeol

Kai EXO σ (≧ ε ≦ σ) ♡

Kai - 161101 Hat’s On website update Credit: Hat’s On.