These white chocolate cream puffs are ideal to have on hand for last minute dessert when needed. The filling freezes to a silky white chocolate ice cream. A terrific make-ahead dessert for holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Frozen White Chocolate Cream Puffs

These white chocolate cream puffs were not my favorite. The cream just tasted like frozen whip cream. Since they require quite a bit of work I probably won't make them again.

Sweet cake, as sweet and pretty as its name.  This is one of the popular Indonesian traditional cakes, that easy to be found in markets, local bakery and even some famous bakery. The soft texture (like pudding) is produced by the main ingredient; a combination between mung bean (hunkwe) flour and coconut milk| V.Samperuru #IndonesianCulinary

Popular Indonesian traditional cakes, the soft texture (like pudding) is produced by the combination between mung bean (hunkwe) flour and coconut milk.

Resep Bika Ambon

Bika Ambon is a kind of cake from Indonesia. Made from ingredients such as tapioca and sago flour, eggs, sugar and coconut milk. Looks a bit like a crumpet.

My Kitchen Snippets: Cashew Nuts Cookies

I am already back in KL for over a week. Eat, eat and eat. I have been spoiled rotten by my families. Anyway, I mana.

Resep onde-onde

Onde onde - small round balls of pandan flavoured gluntinous rice flour filled with palm sugar syrup rolled in grated coconut.

BitterSweetSpicy: Lapis Legit (in english)

Many of you may find baking lapis cakes not your cup of tea. the thought of baking layer by layer & sitting in front of the .

Resep kue kering sagu keju

Resep Kue Kering Sagu Keju

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