2001 In The Mood For Love (Fa Yeung Nin Wa) Director: Kar Wai Wong IMDb 8.1 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118694/?ref_=nm_knf_t2

In the Mood for Love (2000)

In The Mood For Love A ravishing non-romance in which the impossibly glamorous figures of Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung come together in a cramped apartment block when they suspect that their respective spouses are having an affair.

I loved the style in this movie so much, I had some cool qipaos made too - In the Mood for Love

Art film directed by Wong Kar Wai 'In the Mood for Love' : Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

Leslie Cheung R.I.P. | Happy Together (1997, dir. Wong Kar Wai)

Leslie Cheung in cinematographer Christopher Doyle’s visual and narrative diary, Buenos Aires, of his participation in the making of Wong Kar Wai’s film Happy Together.

Tony Leung in 《In the Mood for Love》    《A Handsome Devil With A Cigarette》    與梁朝偉的合作始自「阿飛正傳」,第一個印象是他不太喜歡說話,煙不離手。不知怎的,我們相處愉快,之後陸續合作了四部電影。    我們的溝通方法比較特殊,很多時候,我們根本沒有一個完整的劇本,我只是給他一首歌或一些音樂作參考。    我不知這工作方式是否適合他,但這些年來,他鮮有投訴。許多時,當我讓他聽一首音樂時,他會坐在一角,手刁一根香煙,用一種似笑非笑的眼神望望我。這使我想起太宰治,太宰治曾寫過一個短篇小說《A Handsome Devil With A Cigarette》,我一直覺得這是一個很棒的電影名字。我很喜歡太宰治,而梁朝偉總讓我想起他。    ──王家衛

Tony Leung, in a scene from Wong Kar-wai film "In the mood for love"

In the Mood for Love - Wong Kar-Wai

maggie cheung as li-zhen and tony leung as chow mo-wan, in the mood for love, wong kar-wai

In The Mood For Love...such a beautiful film by Wong Kar Wai

Wong Karwai – Christopher Doyle of Top 10 Director-Cinematographer Collaboration in Cinema History

Six Days (Video 2002) - Wong Kar-Wai

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In the mood for love (Wong Kar Wai)

"In the Mood for Love" director Wong Kar-wai - artículo de Raquel Azqueta - Yuanfang Magazine

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"In The Mood For Love" Directed by Wong Kar-wai / Director Of Photography: Christopher Doyle et Mark Lee Ping-bin