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chocolate scriptures these are Hershey mini bars turned into mom did this for my Young Women lesson combined and we all loved it!

Primaria SUD Detalhes

clique aqui ja ja vou colocar mais ideias para o quadro de anuncios 2014. Estou pensando em colocar o cartaz com o tema do simply fresh designs (veja nas postagens anteriores) e no redor fotos de cada familia na primaria. Criei esta borda se quiser colocar um pouco de cor no redor. Beijos!

Book of Mormon Food Ideas {free printables}

Book of Mormon Food Ideas for LDS Seminary Graduation {free printables}

If you are in charge of refreshments for a LDS Seminary Graduation, impress your Young Men and Young Women with these Book of Mormon food. I've included my free file of printables so you can label each one! {squeal in delight} Print Free File Here: Instant download and printable file includes these 9 designs:

Books in the Book of Mormon Hand Clap Game - YouTube

"Books in the Book of Mormon" Hand Clap Game

This is a quick, fun activity to do during senior primary to get the children's blood flowing. It is a great break from the routine. After I teach or review ...

Faith FHE Lesson--Brother of Jared

Faith FHE Lesson | Faith | Jesus

Faith FHE Lesson - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. A full-color FHE lesson that is designed to help family members learn what faith is and how they can strengthen and nurture it. Lesson is complete with lesson plan, activities, and full-color visuals that are ready-to-print, cut, and use!

Scripture mastery to music!Marvelous! Brilliant!

The Pride Cycle | Mormon Share

{ Mormon Share } The Pride Cycle

: Here's the pride cycle of the Nephites with the way of breaking free from it (remembering God) from Helaman 11-12. I'm using this handout for students to

Free printable mad gabs for Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery!

Scripture Mastery Mad Gabs! The Red Headed Hostess

It is that time of year again! Time to put together the Scripture Mastery Mad Gabs! when I began teaching seminary, this was one of my favorite activities.

Alma 5

Alma 5 Cardiogram Worksheets

Here are a couple of worksheets I have used to teach Alma 5. They work well because they direct the students through almost the whole chapter. As usual, click on the picture to get the worksheets...

The Sacrament Prayer(s): A comparison of the blessings on the bread and water.

SACRAMENT PRAYER(S) - MODERN ROOTS - Family Trees and Graphics

The Sacrament Prayer(s): A comparison of the blessings on the bread and water

The Brother of Jared stones -- Book of Mormon activity using glow sticks.  Cool!

We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ

Jesus Christ, Easter, Mormon, LDS, Family Proclamation, General Conference

I Have Read the Book of Mormon - reading chart | Mormon Share

{ Mormon Share } I Have Read the Book of Mormon - reading chart

: I made this simple reading chart for a friend on our Seminary teacher's Facebook group. It is perfect for reading the Book of Mormon as a family. Black an

Book of Mormon reading chart. Set the goal to read the Book of Mormon this year.

Title Page

Title Page

Burying our Weapons Family Home Evening

Burying our weapons Family Home Evening

We had a really great Family Home Evening tonight learning all about the people of Ammon, or the Anti-Nephi-Lehies and relating their ex...

Jacob 5 Allegory of the Olive Tree Study Booklet | Mormon Share

{ Mormon Share } Jacob 5 Allegory of the Olive Tree Study Booklet

: I made this study booklet for my class' study of Jacob 5 over this weekend. It has a list of things that I think will make study of this difficult chapter

Jacob Verses Sherem - Reader's Theater | Mormon Share

{ Mormon Share } Jacob Verses Sherem - Reader's Theater

: I wrote this script to use as a reader's theater in my Seminary class while teaching Jacob 7.