Raihansyah Ramadhan

Raihansyah Ramadhan

Raihansyah Ramadhan
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Even HR and workforce is impacted by digital transformation. McKinsey Quarterly: The Online Journal of McKinsey & Company

Despite constant advice to focus on hard sciences or engineering, there are still many good reasons to major in liberal arts.

The advantage for networked organisations - the McKinsey Quarterly Report

eCommerce: the advantage for ‘networked organisations’ – McKinsey Quarterly report - Wilkinson Group

"Leading in the 21st century" - McKinsey Quarterly

"Leading in the century" - McKinsey Quarterly

Why small business is big | Mckinsey Quarterly

Small businesses creating the most jobs are the high-growth ones that can more or less double their revenues and workforce every four years.

Social Media Strategy Matrix by McKinsey Quarterly: #socialmedia Action Steps for Brands

From McKinsey Quarterly, Demystifying Social Media. Brand responses on social media to consumers by their decision/engagement stage.

Using social intelligence to guide decisions, Strategy, Strategic Thinking- Article I cowrote for the McKinsey Quarterly - November 2012. Also at https://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/How_social_intelligence_can_guide_decisions_3031

Using social intelligence to guide decisions, strategy, and strategic thinking

Principles of# Financial Accounting/Belverd E. Needles, Marian Powers

Needles/Powers/Crosson PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING is continuously evolving to meet the needs of today's learner. This edition's new structure is based on research

Tips for Being a Better IT Project Manager....

We’ve talked about some of the nitty-gritty methods by which you can utilize IT management software to lead a more effective IT service management team, but