Nurman Kurniawan

Nurman Kurniawan

Nurman Kurniawan
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Eames Era Green Vinyl Lounge Chair This would complement the Fifty Three range G Plan sofa.

Volkswagen type 166 schwimmwagen. You can row this car and it has a propeller on it's rear - you can drive it on water. It's a combination of bath tub and beetle with an oar :D Loooove.

VW Water Vehicle Type 166 Went for a ride through a pond in Ohio a few years ago in one of these!

Volkswagen Kubelwagen

Sergeant Hunt from the Infantry Division is adding American markings to a captured German Kübelwagen.


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VW Thing

Volkswagen Kübelwagen -- You know, for those days when you want to go traipsing around the desert like Rommel.