Early Literacy

Picture book recommendations, Chapter book reviews, and book lists. Games, crafts, books ,and activities that promote literacy at home.
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two hands holding up a paper cutout that says family activities for preschoolers
Family themed activities for preschool
Learning about families in preschool lets children connect with who they are, feel pride in themselves and their families, while also setting down a foundation for understanding others. These family activities for preschoolers are perfect for your classroom, but they are a great way to explore a family theme at home too!
lock and key rhyming activity with free printables for kids to use
PreK Rhyming Activity
This preschool rhyming activity is perfect for literacy centers where preschoolers work independently because it only uses picture rhymes. Rhyming is a foundational literacy skill that children need for a bunch of reasons. When children play with rhymes, they are playing with sounds and learning to recognize sound patterns.
an image of a poster with the words cork painted rainbows on it and a tray full of paintbrushes
Rainbow Art Project
love painting with corks because they make such fun polka dots and are the perfect size for little hands. This cork painting rainbow craft was a fun exploration of rainbow colors.
colorful activities for preschool with text overlay that reads 30 color activities for preschool
How To Teach Kids About Colors!
Sitting your kids down and getting them to memorize color names won’t offer them the opportunity to sort the same way a hands on activity will so have fun and the learning will happen. Have fun with these 30 fun hands on ways to teach preschoolers about colors!
the words fine motor skills activities for preschool are shown above pictures of toys and crafts
Fun ways to work on fine motor skills for preschoolers
Fine motor skills activities aren’t just useful for handwriting prep. They are more about all those self-help skills, like using utensils, doing up buttons, zipping coats, and eventually learning to tie those super cute and totally impractical lace-up shoes.
bug play dough ideas for preschool Bug Activities For Toddlers, Bug Fossils, Bug Activities, Activity For Preschoolers, Sensory Activity
Bug themed activity for preschoolers!
Explore bugs by squishing plastic ones into playdough! This fun sensory activity is great for preschoolers!
the cover of bubble wrap print starfish
DIY Bubble Wrap Starfish Craft
Dive into the depths of creativity with this fun bubble wrap starfish craft. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this DIY project will add a touch of the ocean to your space. Dive in and create your very own bubble wrap starfish today!
the free printable summer reading calendar for kids
FREE summer reading program with daily reading prompts!
Keep your child reading all summer long without a fight! Our annual free summer reading program is all about our summer reading calendars. These summer reading calendars are the perfect mix of novelty and consistency!
the ocean crafts for preschool are easy and fun
Preschool Ocean Crafts You Can't Miss Out On
Looking for some quality one-on-one time with your preschooler this summer? Why not make it educational and fun? Dive into our list of hands-on ocean activities! From paper bag jellyfish to washi tape starfish, explore the beauty of the ocean while spending memorable moments with your little one.
alternative to kindergarten worksheets Self Help Skills, Kindergarten Readiness Activities, Summer Learning Activities, Prek Teacher, Kindergarten Prep, Prep Worksheets, Nursery Activities, Kindergarten Readiness
Controversial Kindergarten Prep: Play Over Worksheets
Shocking but true! Your child doesn't need worksheets to prepare for kindergarten. Discover simple, fun activities that encourage learning through play in our Summer Learning for Kindergarten guide. You might just be surprised how effective it can be!
green balloons with numbers on them in a basket
Can Water Balloons and Math Mix?
Shocking, isn't it? Many believe that learning should be strictly confined within four walls or limited to books. We're here to debunk that myth! Our water balloon game incorporates math in an unconventional, engaging, and immensely fun way!
children's picture books about gardening with text overlay that reads, picture books about gardening
Picture books about gardening
So many fun books about gardening for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Explore these great picture books and learn all about how to be a great gardener.
a child's hand on top of a blue tray with the words 10 best rhyming activities for kids
10 Awesome rhyming activities for PreK
These great rhyming activities for kids make learning to rhyme even more fun.
LGBTQ Book List for Children - No Time For Flash Cards Lgbtq Books, Preschool Classrooms, Lgbt Book, Positive Books, Education Activities, Middle Grade Books, Family Books, Preschool Books, Reading Lessons
LGBTQ Book List for Children
LGBTQ Book List for Children - No Time For Flash Cards
a beehive made out of buttons on a tray
Mini-Eraser Math Center Activities with FREE printables
Mini-Eraser Math Center Activities with FREE printables - No Time For Flash Cards