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Thai Curry Fish Custard | Hor Mok | ห่อหมก

GADO GADO--Indonesian Salad with Veggies and Peanut Sauce

GADO GADO Gado gado is an Indonesian salad which consists mostly of boiled or blanched vegetables accompanied by a sweet and spicy peanut dressing, similar to but not as rich as satay sauce. Food you've to try in Indonesia.

a traditional Thai snack, Miang Kham, at Ritz Carlton Phulay Bay

The Ritz-Carlton on

“Have you every tried a traditional Thai snack? I recommend Kham, simply delicious, and spicy!

Nasi Bakar Teri – Grilled Salted Fish Rice

Nasi Bakar Teri – Grilled Salted Fish Rice

Resep Gudeg Jogja Praktis dan Cara Membuat Gudeg Jogja Asli

GUDEG The Most Popular Food from YogyakartaSince many years ago, gudeg, traditional food made from young jackfruit, has been the most popular food in Yogyakarta. Not only in gudeg

Indonesian cuisine Simply Cooking and Baking...: Nasi Bakar Ayam Teri Nasi

Indonesian cuisine Simply Cooking and Baking. Grilled chicken rice and anchovy in banana leaves

Pecel : A Kind of Indonesian Vegetables Salad with Peanut Sauce and Rempaya (Peanut Cracker)

Pecel is kinda indonesian vegetable salad with peanut sauce and peyek (peanut cracker)