Oh Allah forgive me, bless me with Your Rahma, make perfect my flaws, elevate my status, provide me with sustenance, show me the true path, bless me with good health, and forgive me my sins. Ameen.

O Allah, forgive me

Qur'an verse

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اللهم يا خالق هذا القلب املأه إيمانا حتى القاك يوم لا ينفع مال ولا بنون الا من  اتى الله بقلب سليم ♥

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Wherever u are.

Wherever you are

Truly, I can't even count how much He has blessed me with things that I've wanted and through trials. How merciful He is...

And He gives you all kinds of things that you implore Him for. If you count GOD's blessings, you can never encompass them. Indeed, the human being is transgressing, unappreciative. Quran: The Final Testament

Allah knows everythings inside


Have mercy upon our parents

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So be patient with a beautiful patience.

So be patient with a beautiful patience. The Holy Qur'an.

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Likes, 14 Comments - Sabran “Lower your gaze from everything”

Quran 14:7

Quran 14:7

Qur'an Quotes

Qur'an Quotes

Allah mentions words to a similar meaning a few times in the Qur'an, in Surah Al-Anaam Allah mentions the punishment of disunity "Some will taste the evil others after all the other forms of punishment". What kind of state is the Muslim Ummah in now?

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May Allah help us fill our book of deeds with what pleases Him.

Quran 70:5

Quran 70:5