Proud to be a Muslim woman

Islam gave women rights & respect when they were treated like pieces of meat the world over.

Anime Muslimah

iHijabi- Confessions of a Hijabi Girl in a Crazy World: 10 tips for your online hijab company

The 'Alhamdulillaah Jar' :) I started doin it few months back and I'm loving it ! I write every little things that makes me smile and write alhamdulillah in the end . And i can see my gratefulness has increased a lot since then and Allaah swt gives me more as He promised :) Alhamdulillaah for that! I recommend everyone to jus try it and see the difference!

Cheerful New Year idea - Interesting and inspirational idea for the New Year -- start filling an empty jar with notes about the good things that happen throughout the year. Then, on New Year’s Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year.

Anime Muslimah

She was lost in the pages when she heard a familiar voice calling her name. Sketch of my OC, Maira. Trying to familiarize myself with drawing her face, and still exploring her personality.

Life of a #Muslimah #Islam

Muslim Women and how the media portrays them ~~~~~ people need to open their minds to different cultures :)

Ramadan; women

Ramadan 2010

sunni - One of the two main branches of Islam, commonly described as orthodox

Anime Muslimahs Holding Up “We Love Islam” Sign

Anime Muslimahs Holding Up “We Love Islam” Sign - Islamic Art and Quotes