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two bikes are parked in the back of a green tent with doors open to allow shade from the sun
Tidy Tent Portable Outdoor Storage
Tidy Tent Portable Outdoor Storage
two pink wire baskets filled with clothes next to a wall hanging on a white wall
"These wire baskets are meant to hold manila folders. But screw them to your closet door (or a wall) and they become cute catchalls for all those awkward accessories like scarves, tights and clutches." Great Idea for closet
two shelves with dishes and cups on them, one is white the other is blue
Building Bathroom Storage
Genius! Hang Shelves Upside Down For Lovely Home Storage !
a blue shelf with a basket on top and the words diy design fantastic above it
Make baskets out of cardboard boxes and twine. Great idea. Large baskets are so expensive. SERIOUSLY GENIUS!!
there is a large stack of cups on the wall
PVC shoe storage