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Yohanes Richardo

Yohanes Richardo
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I have this recurring fantasy that solar power will develop to the point where this car could be run by solar power. The sound would be provided by speakers under the hood.

1963 Buick Rivera - Matte Black car Love the wheels they go perfectly with the flat black to finish of a tough menacing look(sb)

Beef with Mushrooms and Barley

Tender chunks of stewed beef, meaty mushrooms and pleasantly chewy grains create a bowl brimming with texture and flavor. To make this comforting dish, use wild mushrooms or a combination of wild a.

Paleo pizza crusts - 15 great ideas for "no bread" pizzas!

Paleo pizza crusts - 15 great ideas for "no bread" pizzas! ~~ THM's - DON'T USE THE TAPIOCA or plantain BASE ~ , don't mix S and E toppings ie use the basic base idea.and think about what is E and what is S for the toppings

Sweet and spicy bacon chicken wraps

How Sweet and Spicy Chicken Bacon Wraps ___J.Reid-English Says: make it with Duck Bacon.:) __Ingredients: about 1 pounds skinless boneless chicken breasts cut into cubes 1 lbs. bacon c. dark brown sugar 2 T chili powder t cumin -