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Honey's new smartphone alternative 1

LG G Pro Lite seems like a decent attempt by LG to provide a larger display device at an affordable price, although it is slightly downgraded on the hardware

Gerakan 1 Senam Ibu Hamil di Rumah

Gerakan 1 Senam Ibu Hamil di Rumah

Baby's 1st Duck

Baby's 1st Duck


Baby Born

How NOT to Read Your Bible in the New Year

Don't let your good intentions about Scripture reading fizzle out this year.

3 Changing Church Trends You Need to Know

These three approaches have moved from the category of “exception” to the category of “mainstream.

You Might Be a Celebrity Christian Wannabe If ...

Are you a celebrity Christian wannabe?

Free Sermon Series Package: "Safety Not Guaranteed"

Entire library of creative materials for churches - absolutely free. Sermon audio, promotional graphics, opening videos and more.

11 Ways Leaders Wreck Their Churches

How much potential impact is being wasted or destroyed because leaders aren’t leading effectively?