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love all d fabolous,unique,n beautifful things
Noviyanti Lim
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Makeup Brands To Know About

Everyone has their makeup favourites but sometimes, a change of lipstick or foundat.

Lemonade ice cubes in iced tea for a slow-melt Arnold Palmer.

Slow-Melt Arnold Palmer Ice Tea Lemonade: 1 pitcher iced tea 1 pitcher lemonade - pour lemonade into 4 ice cube trays - Freeze for 4 hours. When time to serve, pour tea into glass until mark, then add lemonade ice cubes until glass is full.

Fancy drinks!!! (links with how to make each one).

The colors of the rainbow. Instead of using ice cubes to chill your beverage think outside of the box. You might try frozen fruit such as melon balls or berries which is fun, fruity and cool.

DIY popsicles as passed wedding treats

{Guest Post} Lovely Little Details: Signature Cocktail Alternatives: A Frozen Twist on Summer Wedding Libations (Robin)