Nur Raisah Ulinnuha

Nur Raisah Ulinnuha
Yogyakarta / ALLAH dulu, ALLAH lagi, ALLAH terus♥
Nur Raisah Ulinnuha
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Quilling with Fun: Виолински кључ/A Violin Key

Music Wall Art - treble clef with piano keyboard

I listened to music all day today. Sorry for pinning like every song that came on my playlist :p

Jimi Hendrix quote on Music - Love of Life Quotes


singing bird, music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

Musical dress

love photography beauty art girl quote Black and White life dress music notes musical desenho Notas violin sheet music treble clef vestido music art violino


Music connects people yes that is so true a certain person came to mind when I saw this pic! I love him to death and we talk about music all the time! Especially marching band! MUSIC IS LIFE, LOVE, AND FAMILY

It does't matter how im feeling, or how my day was, because at the end of it all music is always my getaway from the real world and it keeps me relaxed

Music is the best solution to any problem. quotes & things quotes quote words word saying saying music piano music notes passion musical black & white keys hands old pictures picture

My goal is to learn how to play. And I do believe once I do, I am going to need this pink guitar...

Bubblegum Pink Guitar Art Print by Danielle Denham

but with foodie handles?

ceramic coffee cups with music decorations --Treble clef handle, guitar handle, music note decorations

EMP Musical Instruments Sculpture by Ewan-M, via Flickr

EMP Musical Instruments Sculpture An explosion of guitars Three stories high at the Experience Music Project. I had to dust the thing several times when I worked there as a janitor for 4 years.

Cheat sheet for teaching oneself how to play the guitar.

Cheat sheet for teaching oneself how to play the guitar.This was made by anchor studio. This image shows a paper that helps you to learn alone how to play the guitar