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I want to buy this but I don't know... comment below?! there's only one left. Custom Design/Doodle on Ukulele by CoralFlamingo on Etsy

Custom Design/Doodle on Ukulele This one was created with a gold sharpie on a red ukulele Check out my etsy shop for more info and to order :) Thank you ❤️

Fondo de pantalla

danepst: Ian Fisher, “Atmosphere No. 64 (Convertible)” 2015 oil on canvas

Hands tutorial:

I'm not so great at drawing hands. This hands tutorial page has some good sketches of hands and I could practice in my sketch with this to help me become better at drawing hands.

Anime hair styles for anime drawing

doraemon wish upon a star

nobita and doraemon

Hello Check my Cartoon and Animation Blog Thank you so much !

Doraemon and nobita

画像 - Doraemon's Secret Gadgets by Fujiko-Pro -

Doraemon's Secret Gadgets Line Sticker - Rumors City


Doraemon and Nobita


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Funny Doraemon

Funny Doraemon