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Dinner is better when we eat together #mockingbirdnewseason #mockingbirdfairytale #fridaynight #foodporn

You've earned a mid week break. Come and get this tonight!

Up close and personal with our spiced venison leg. Treat yourself tonight! #mockingbirdfairytale #mockingbirdnewseason

Pretty much one of the most beautiful things you can do in a kitchen. #mockingbirdfairytale #beautifulmess #noripowderedcanadianseascallops

Chocolate Mousse, white chocolate melts, salted caramel puree, candied nuts, chocolate ice cream #mockingbirdfairytale

Don't forget to stop by and try our selections of wine #mockingbirdfairytale

“At mockingbird you can enjoy fine food with casual attire and cozy atmosphere. You can even walk in wearing short and slipper ”

“Start serving you from 6pm onwards...”

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Although casual and affordable are not words normally associated with the term fine dining, Mockingbird is slowly proving otherwise and has charmed its way into the hearts of Jakartans - Manual Jakarta is an online magazine featuring Jakarta's best cafes, restaurants, bars and shops.

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