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This is so accurate he has done this before he has this protective thing where he has to hold you all night and I just love it ♡

I'm not crying I'm just driving off of a cliff -E oh my god. I want to cry. and the feels are hitting like a god dam freight train.<<feels so many feels. I cry

People at my school are like " I don't get involved in drama" but then they turn around and call Harry Styles, a person they admitted to know nothing about, who is probably the nicest person in the world, a dick.

Harry Styles imagine

This is how I live…obsessing over a hot british celebrity who will never know I exist and I just want to curl up in a ball and cry because I will never meet any of them. But I will imagine this .


Usually if I'm really depressed things like this usually don't help me, but for some reason I always feel a sense of relief when I see this.