Garin Nuansa Mahardika

Garin Nuansa Mahardika

Garin Nuansa Mahardika
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Sad girls on film, 35mm melancholy by Chloe Sheppard | Photography | HUNGER TV

Chloe Sheppard is shooting girls on film. Her aesthetic is dreamy and nostalgic, with a thread of melancholy running through - the world she's created references old school Americana, VHS, bad girls like Drew and Winona and the moodiness of film noir

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I looked the fact that the glasses help you focus on one part of the image. It frames what is wanted to be seen without just taking an ordinary photo.

coffee stained cashmere

the white tee is my must have. i only choose the ones that has a lose fit falling nicely on my shoulders like that. I prefer the U kind of neckline as it let show a nice collar bone. such an understated item that i find uber sexy .