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Do you think the game is over for teeth or candies? #DentalHealth #OralHealth #DentalTips #Dentist #Dentistry #Dentaltown

Keep your teeth looking dandy but cutting down on candy! The bacteria in our mouth loves to feed on sugar, and once it does, it breaks it down into acids that eat away at tooth enamel.

A Prickly Bunch 4 Wall Tapestry

These are watercolor sketches I painted of some desert cacti. I tried to use different shades of greens as well as bright pops of color. I have a plant stand in my kitchen with different succulents and cacti growing. I used them as my subject matter

Resultado de imagen para watercolor cactus

Resultado de imagen para watercolor cactus


Inspired by the shapes and patterns found in succulents, Yao painted a series of cactuses that not only celebrated their vibrant colors, but also the small patterns that make up their grand features.