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Backed by startup incubator Y Combinator, Acre Designs is poised to transform the house building industry with prefabricated, net zero energy homes that are affordable and sustainable.

Could this venture-backed zero energy house revolutionize the home building industry? Acre Designs Origin Series B – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Aan de basis van het ontwerp van deze compacte gezinswoning lag het spievormige perceel én de mogelijkheid om het huis centraal op dat perceel te bouwen. Geen in- of uitsprongen, wél een gave witte blok met grote uitsparingen voor de ramen, die gedoseerd de gevels perforeren.

Located on a secluded street in Schoten, the House G is a two-storey near-cube white residence nicely integrated into the green surroundings.

Other ways to say "GOOD"

Hi folks! A good way to improve your vocabulary is to use different words that have a similar meaning. For example, when someone asks "How are you?" and you answer "Fine, thanks" try changing your.