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Laa ilaaha illallah: In Ramadan .

This is a month to rejuvenate your soul, cleanse and purify it; seek His abundant Mercy. So make use of it, to the fullest. Better yourself. For Him. For yourself.

These Ramadan Quotes will inspire you to be more active in Ramdan. You will love these Ramadan Quotes, Wishes & Greeting with Images in sha Allah.

Ramadan  ISLAM <3

Goal this Ramadan: sleep less, pray more! Not everyone gets a chance to see Ramadan again, so if you do get the chance- spend your Ramadan wisely & be grateful to have yet another blessed opportunity :)In sha Allah

:) :) :)

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A Night Shab-e-Qadr (Lailatul Qadr) which is a lot better than thousand of months. any goodness done in this night will have impact of Goodness.


gotta remind myself

Ya Allah.. ramadan

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