quotes ramadan 2023

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the mountains are covered in blue haze and white text that reads r - 29 raman
the sky is filled with clouds and there is a quote on it
an advertisement for berpishah dengan ramadahn
Poster Islami - BimbinganIslam.com
a man standing in front of a tree with his arms outstretched and the words masalahnya apakh kita dictai aliah?
an advertisement for the celebration of malaysia's national festival, sederka canaana
Seberkas Cahaya Ditengah Gelapnya Musibah
a person standing in the middle of a forest with text overlay that reads, teganting shalat dan puasaya
the cover of ramandan keebmutungan, featuring an aerial view of rice fields
an advertisement for teap berakutass pelaman
an advertisement for the book puasa berluhang, which is written in english and
an advertisement with the words, kemulian ibadh puasa
a sandwich with lettuce and other ingredients on a cutting board next to a small bowl of mayonnaise
Pahala memberi buka bagi yang shaum
a man holding onto his watch while standing in front of the words rezeki yang melimpah
a man holding money in his hands with the words rahassia dibalk shada