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Omg the feels

and to your left you can see me crying in a corner<<<and beside her will be me slowly dying and wailing

Repin if you know what this tweet actually means XD

When in reality he was talking about making it to breakfast at the hotel after being 'too naked' to go down

This picture pretty much sums up 5sos

ok so i am 12 yrs old and ppl are like do they know that they have a chance to date/whatever and yes we do but cant a 12 yr old dream? so yah just wanted to say that bc i saw a post :\

5 Seconds Of Summer

Any one wanna tell me the story of how got together I've known of them since the beginning I just didn't join the fandom >>not my comment jsyk


The one in black skinny jeans>>>the one who plays an instrument<<<the weird one<<<the one who really likes Green Day<<<the one who's punk rock<<<so none of them.

OPI Metallic 4 Life is silver hex glitter and small square silver glitter in a black base. For more depth, I used one coat of OPI Black Onyx and put two coats of Metallic for Life on top.