Nurul Yuniar

Nurul Yuniar

Palembang. Indonesia / I am ordinary people :) My hobbies are : 1. always listen kpop. 2. always watch kdrama 3. i am always learning korean language
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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 1x2 - Pretending that he´s going to kiss her but really just messing with her head. Eun Bi: Chi Soo what are you doing to your teacher? Cha: If you mess with me one more time. Then I´ll really, will just date you"

“Look at this, you’re heating up.” Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. It wasnt my favorite drama but really funny.

This post lays out a method for how to learn Korean by using only 4 simple sentences. Get started by memorizing a few simple verbs and you unlock many more!

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