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Enjoy a book or two

I think I've read every book I own at least twice

I you she he they we courtesy of Japanese MLC

Devil Survivor 2

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor - Alcor, Hotsuin Yamato & Kuze Hibiki

Jungo & Airi | Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Bundle of 6 Japanese products NEW PRICE Each product in this bundle is available for sale individually: Seasons in Japanese Colours in Japanese Days of the Week in Japanese 10 chart in Japanese Head and shoulder song in Japanese Created by Italienfrancese

Colour charts in Japanese $1 for 48 hours Uses: Colour reference list poster Colour grid for alphabet patterns (romanji, hiragana, kanji etc)

Weather words? I know a few, there should be more than these thought I would think...

Ninja's Verb (new) More info.. #ninja #verb #japanese #nihongo