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Kang Daniel (Wanna One) lọt top 3 người có tầm ảnh hưởng nhất tại Hàn năm 2017

Daniel O'connell, God, Peach, Produce 101, Husband, Anime, Dios, Allah, Prunus

Daniel O'connell, Season 2, Produce 101, Denial, Harry Potte, Science, Ong Seongwoo, Celebrities, Anime

Alcoholic beverage brand 'Hite' released more cuts of their new, refreshing model Wanna One!Recently, 'Hite' announced that the hyung line of the…

Produce 101, Medical Imaging, Husband, Palace, Lost, Dreams, Season 2, Boy Groups, Stars

Daniel O'connell, Season 2, Produce 101, Rose, Pudding, Archive, Ong Seongwoo, Peach, Jaebum

Wanna One 강다니엘 (Kang Daniel)

Wanna One 강다니엘 (Kang Daniel)

Daniel O'connell, Palace, Season 2, Produce 101, God, Star, Dios, Allah, Praise God

101❣King of Wanna-One 1강다니엘❣ Kång Daniel _Youngboy❣

of Wanna-One Kång Daniel _Youngboy❣