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American Horror Story - Murder House I love Lily Rabe. Her characters are always my favorite.

American Horror Story - Murder House I love Lily Rabe./ This was one of my favourite parts all season

Tom Hiddleston being cute

"Loki by Loki" by Tom Hiddleston :D . If Happy Hiddles doesn't make you happy, then you are beyond the help of mortal men >>> I just want to protect this man and huggle him and keep him safe from corruption. In the least creepy way, of course.

Because of Reading

Because of Reading, that's y whenever we watch a movie in English class, our teacher tells us to NOT talk because we've all read the book so we all know.<< I talked during the whole Percy Jackson movies.


This is literally the face that my sister and I will make to each other. <------ Sorry, the way they are pointing at each other reminds me of the Doctor Who anniversary when Ten and Eleven put glasses on.<<<< *imitates people in photo* YES!

haha, i've said this so many times

Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) in American Horror Story. I hated him early on, but then as he progressed into an even bigger jerk I was impressed. Just when I thought he couldn't be more of an a-hole he proved me wrong.