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New trend: Chlorophytum comosum (spider and houseplants are currently trending.

Airplane Plant Care - Also known as spider plant for the small plantlets that grow on runners from the parent plant, airplane plant, (Chlorophytum comosum) is a lush, fast-growing houseplant. The plant has an exotic .

How to Rejuvinate a Spider Plant

How to Rejuvinate a Spider Plant. A happy spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is eager to produce plenty of babies when it matures. Long, slender leaves arch gracefully from the base of the attractive houseplant in large numbers, which has an overall appearance of good health. Unhappy spider plants grow limp and stop ...

5 GREAT Indoor Plants that you WONT kill — LAURA QUATTRO Nothing revives the home like some luscious green plants, they give good energy, purify the air and according to the age old rules of feng shui, they can sharpen focus and improve your health.

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Spider plant

46 Creative Indoor Water Garden Ideas For Best Indoor Garden Solution. The next step is to pick the correct plants that could grow in water. If you own a water feature in your rooftop garden, then it .

spider plants -

Spider plant - One of the most common house plants, Spider Plants are decorative, easy to grow, and also make the NASA list of the best air-purifying plants. Great hanging plant that is easy to propagate from the babies that it sends out on runners.

吊兰的品种及资料 | 园艺花卉

吊兰的种类 吊兰的常见品种有: 宽叶吊兰,或叫大叶吊兰。植株较大,叶片较宽,绿色。品种有金边宽叶吊兰(叶边缘黄白色)和银边宽叶吊兰(叶边缘白色)。变种有金心宽叶吊兰(植株较大,叶片较宽,长约30厘米。叶面绿色,沿主脉为黄白色宽纵向条纹。不生走茎,花葶直立生长,花白色。采用分株繁殖。)

Awesome combination, Macrame and spider plants, take me straight back to the I BELONG.

Houseplants That Filter the Air We Breathe Spider Plant Light: Natural Light, But Not Direct Sunlight Water: Light Watering. Enable Soil To Dry Between Waterings. Dark Tips Or White Halo Development Usually Signifies Overwatering.

SPIDER PLANT | LIGHT: natural light, but not direct sunlight | WATER: Light watering. Allow soil to dry between waterings. Black tips or white halo development usually signifies overwatering.

Houseplants That Filter the Air We Breathe Plants Are The Strangest People: Single Mother Chlorophytum Comosum

Single Mother (Chlorophytum comosum)

A few jobs ago, I remember a Puerto Rican co-worker saying that she wanted to give her mother a plant for . . . some kind of event, I forget...

Spider plant for hanging baskets Of all the hanging or trailing plants, the spider plant is one of the most frequent and possibly the most popular houseplant that is very simple to grow. Spider plants grow in almost any condition as houseplants, making th

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) Guide

Spider Plant or Chlorophytum is a houseplant that is very easy to look after. Our simple care tips will teach you how to grow Spider Plants.

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hlorophytum (umm, isn’t this a spider plant?) is an air filter itself. Chlorophytum can perform photosynthesis under weak light and absorb harmful air. One pot of Chlorophytum in 200 square foot room is enough to perform as an air filter, which releases oxygen and absorbs carcinogens like formaldehyde and styrene. Chlorophytum is very strong in absorbing carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. It decomposes benzene and nicotine in tobacco as well.

Chlorophytum - Spider Plant

Chlorophytum - Spider Plant

Top 10 Hard to Kill House Plants: Spider plant – Chlorophytum comosum

Top 10 Hard to Kill House Plants

We all know that not everyone is born with the magical green thumb. Some people seem to just have the touch and ideas to keep a garden looking beautiful throughout all of the seasons, or maybe they just know how to take good care of indoor house plants. On the other hand, we also know those who seem to be able to just look at a plant and kill it. That’s right; those people with the dreaded black thumb who could probably kill a vase of plastic flowers. Some with the black thumb give up easily…

Chlorophytum are evergreen ornamental houseplants for both indoor and outdoor plantation. The most prominent and commonly grown specie is Chlorophytum Comosum or Spider Plant which is grown as ornamental houseplants.

Ornamental Houseplants: Chlorophytum Comosum ‘Spider Plant’

Chlorophytum are evergreen ornamental houseplants for both indoor and outdoor plantation. The most prominent and commonly grown specie is Chlorophytum Comosum or Spider Plant which is grown as ornamental houseplants.

Spider Plant: Chlorophytum comosum