So this guide references a rather old patch, but this is still really good info to stay away from Pudge, especially the map hiding spots.

because i've seen many dumb dumb player running in straght line in dota and get hooked. How to dodge pudge hook guide

Ice and fire by keterok on DeviantArt

Ice and fire by keterok on DeviantArt (Lina and Crystal Maiden)

How Invoker's immortal was made lol yesss

edited: now available with immortal treasure III 2015 . invoker new hair style

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Crossover League of Legends y 3

Diredude. Templar Assassin :o

Diredude's Casual Dota

everyone& favorite solo-mid hero (well, favorite to look at.)on a side-note, it& good to have time to draw again!

Tresdin vs Akasha

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