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Exotic Cats: What Makes Them Exotic? - CatTime

When you hear the word "exotic," it may not be accurately describing the cats you're thinking of.

Tiny warthog cooling off in a tiny mud puddle

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What a Fabulous Face - 24th September 2014

What a Fabulous Face - Click to see lots of lovely cat pictures to bring a smile to your face.

Instantly Improve Your Day With This Magical Baby Tapir

A tapir break should proooooobably be a part of every work day.

This little stout wasn't sure how he felt about the camera

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Meet The Cutest Animal You’ve Never Heard Of

Ever heard of an aardwolf? If the answer is no then prepare yourself for the cutest animal you never even knew existed.

Sifakas Are A Genus Of Lemur – Cutest Paw

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Top 10 amazing animals of Australia | Boutique Travel Blog

If you're planning a trip to Oz you'd be foolish to miss out seeing some of these incredible animals. Australia is home to the most interesting and strangest wildlife in the world, with a huge variety of creatures ranging from marsupials to reptiles. Residents and travelers expect to see kangaroos jumping down the street

Spring's Zoo Babies

Spring has sprung, and all over the world, zoos are welcoming new baby cuties into their families. From long necks to long noses to opposable thumbs, these

Marsupial Pictures

Marsupials are mammals that commonly bear a pouch such as kangaroos and koalas. Did you know that two thirds of marsupial species are found in Australia? Find out more by viewing this marsupial image gallery.

Meet the charismatic creatures hand-reared as pets (but who are eaten or used as hats once they die)

The cuscus is one of the larger members of the possum family, and can be found throughout the forests of Papua New Guinea - as well as many parts of Australia.

Melissa Haslam

Some more tests with ink and tea. I'm still trying to work out how to make a silhouette shape with subtle detail inside. The paper went all wrinkly. Can you iron paper, does anyone know? I know, showing experiments is a bit dull, but I'll have lots of new paintings to show very soon to make up for it. I'm in a show in December at Gallery1988 that has an animal-type theme, so went to the Melbourne zoo to take some photos to draw from. And OMG! Australian Animals are so fricken lazy!! So I…

Rare Bongo Calf Bolsters Conservation Program at Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is celebrating the birth of a rare animal, a female Eastern Bongo calf, on April 2 in the early hours. Keepers watching on closed circuit TV cameras were delighted to witness the perfect maternal instincts that first-time mother...

This Is How a One Day Old Mouse Deer Looks Like

This Is How a One Day Old Mouse Deer Looks Like - World's largest collection of cat memes and other animals