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Trap-Bar RDL
The Motorcycle Row
Hamstring Workout Tip
Shoulder Circles
The Athletic Landmine
Dumbbell Hamstring Curl
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Androgen Receptors: The More the Better
Why Are Those Guys Bigger Than Me? Some guys build muscle easily. Others struggle. Here's why and what to do about it. You lift hard, eat right, and keep up with all the latest training info. You do everything to build muscle, but it's a slow slog. Frustratingly, some of your gym buddies don't know half as much about training and nutrition… and those dudes pack on muscle easily. What's up with that? Do they have superior muscle fiber ratios or more testosterone? Do they have a secret trainin...
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The Switch Grip Pull-Up
by Travis Hansen An Explosive Alternative to the Muscle-Up Add a little explosiveness to the regular pull-up by switching your grip in the middle of a rep. Check this out! You've seen the muscle-up before. Heck, you might've already mastered it. Looks cool, but it comes with some limitations and risks – unless you have a smaller frame, low body weight, and an insane level of power. Luckily, you can still get the benefits and the feel of doing an explosive pull-up without anywhere near the ...
Kneeling Scrape-the-Rack Press
Chaos Training
Push Press, 6-Second Eccentric
80-Degree Seated Press
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The Smith Machine: Benefits
Reverse Zercher Lunge