i love the rain

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a window with rain falling down on it and some plants in the window sill
Cheers to a refreshing weekend
No better place to be. Rain brings with it the blood of life.
an empty park bench in the rain on a city street with trees and buildings behind it
Descansar la lluvia by Rogelio Yoyontzin Pérez-Buendía / 500px
500px / Photo "Descansar la lluvia" by Rogelio Pérez-Buendía - Ottawa
a coffee cup sitting on top of a counter in front of a window with lights
Evening Coffee
Rainy night
two coffee mugs sitting on a tray next to a window with raindrops
now I just walk, but I don't mind the rain
This picture holds so much. To me it says love, peace, excitement and adventure!
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a book next to a window sill
Do they wonder?
hot tea (correction: coffee; or more welcomed a MOCHA!), a good book, and rain outside the window. Perfection.
a person holding their hand out to the rain
★Make A Wish★
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
an open porch door with rain falling on it and the words sitting on the porch watching the rain
Summer Rain
Otimismo todo dia - 22 de fevereiro
ERA DA PAZ - tudo para promover a Paz no Mundo: Otimismo todo dia - 22 de fevereiro
a black cat sitting in front of a window with rain drops on it's glass
Natural Area Rugs
05.11.2013 I get along without you very well Of course, I do Except when soft rains fall And drip from leaves Then I recall The thrill of being sheltered in your arms Of course, I do But I get along without you very well