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You may have believed that you're in love at times in your life, but how do you know when it's true love? Research on love and relationships shows .

Never-seen Dark Knight concept art reveals the terrifying origins of the Joker's Clown Gang

Concept art from The Dark Knight reveals a whole creepy clown army, at The Joker's disposal. Concept Artist Rob Bliss, who whipped up an entire horde of Joker lackeys, has recently released his art from Chris Nolan's beloved Batman movie. They're all comp

Harley Quinn and Joker were inseparable in both Arkham asylum and Gotham city ❤️ (suicide squad)

The Joker isn't laughing anymore. He's pissed off at his own movie. 'Suicide Squad' opened today, and IGN asked Jared Leto to fill in the blanks about the Joker's story, when it comes to scenes that didn't quite make sense in the movie.

I don't want a relationship like the notebook. I want a relationship like the Joker and Harley Quinn

"I don't want a relationship like the notebook. I want a relationship like the Joker and Harley Quinn" >>> So you want to be in a abusive relationship where your boyfriend tries to violently murder you on several different occasions?

Not all experiences are beautiful, but all experiences are necessary to shape us.

Scars are the mark of strong person, they represent the endurance and strength you needed in order to withstand the physical or emotional abuse. That thing or person which tried to kill or weaken you, contrarily only made you stronger.

You taught me how to love, you loved me and helped me love my self. From day one I knew I loved you, that's why I'm not letting go. Your everything

Amazing *-* (I wonder why some fan arts don't picture Harley with her bleached skin. Maybe it's a rebellion against the new 52 Hauahsuahusha. But either way, the movie Harley was perfect and had bleached skin 👀. Don't mind me, I'm just babbling)