Reza Fahdillah

Reza Fahdillah
Jötunheimr / Not a douchebag. Despite all evidence that prove otherwise.
Reza Fahdillah
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bisa jadi rak buku, meja kerja, meja turntable, hemat space

Poul Cadovius' unique shelving system ROYAL SYSTEM® was on everyone's lips in the and has now acquired the rights to revive the legendary furniture classic. ROYAL SYSTEM® shelving system was designed in 1948 by legendary Danish designer an

A colorful flat icon set that will make your website or mobile application shine, that's a given. It works best with a modern flat, metro look and feel website.

The great flat icons from Flat Jewels icon set have a versatile and unique design. These flat icons look very inspiring and fantastic for a really good looking

Si Scott

Si Scott Stag - Another illustration I strongly admire by Scott, what I love about this piece is that he has only used patterns to create the entire of the design. This makes the design so much more impressive.

UnCommon Beat

A typographic deck of playing cards built on the notion that everyone is assigned a card within the deck based on the day they were born….similar to the concept of our zodiac sign. Something you never knew revealed through a deck of playing cards.