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Ideas for decorating walls and doors.
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a chair made out of woven material with black and orange strips on the back side
Tissé Chair in Stripe
The Tissé Dining Chair in Stripe - WORN
a bed sitting next to a wooden dresser with a lamp on it's side
Apple of My Eye: Autumnal — Lyke Minded
a mirror sitting on top of a floor next to a white wall and cement floor
Onde Mirror (Medium)
an abstract painting hangs on the wall in front of a white wall with a wooden frame
Framed Wall Art | Crate & Barrel
Framed Wall Art | Crate & Barrel
four black and white framed art pieces on a wall
Wall Art: CB2 Search Results
two black and white paintings on a wall next to each other, one with a rectangle in the middle
Wall Art: CB2 Search Results
an abstract painting with white and beige colors on the wall above it is a square shaped piece of paper that has been cut into smaller rectangles
Sahara 60"X60" + Reviews | CB2
Sahara 60"X60" | CB2
a kitchen filled with lots of white shelves
L'art de collectionner les objets - Frenchyfancy
L’art de collectionner les objets