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These are the names (based on the position): - kue lumpur - getuk lindri - kue lupis - clorot - nagasari - pastel - kue pukis - otak-otak - talam ubi kayu - cantik manis - putu mayang - kue mangkok.

We call it Perkedel Kentang seems like mashed potato fried


Perkedel (adopted from Frikadeller) - Indonesian Potato Patties. Frikadeller is also known in Indonesian cuisine through Dutch cuisine influence and called perkedel, however the ingredients is not meat, but mostly fried mashed potato patties, sometimes

Nasi tutug oncom [recipe in Indonesian]

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Indonesian Nasi Bakar Teri – Grilled Salted Fish Rice

Nasi Bakar Teri – Grilled Salted Fish Rice

Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice)  Indonesian Food - Bali, Indonesia by uncorneredmarket, via Flickr

Bali Food (An Overview of Cuisine in Bali)

Overview of Bali food and traditional dishes, Balinese spices and sambals composing Bali cuisine. Includes dishes from a cooking class in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia)

Sate Tempe - Indonesian Tempe satay serves with spicy sweet sauce

Cooking Tackle: Sate Tempe - Indonesian sate tempe serves with spicy sweet sauce