Olyvia Susanto

Olyvia Susanto

Olyvia Susanto
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WARNING: Hot Legs Approaching; Glute & Thigh Workout | KAMA FITNESS

20 Squats with Hip Abduction 20 Plie Squats with Alternating Side Kick 40 Donkey Kicks – Alternating Legs 40 Backwards Lunge with Glute Kickback – Alternating 50 Inner Thigh Raises – Right Leg 50 Inner Thigh Raises – Left Leg Repeat 4 times

Replace heel drops with calf raises on the machine and replace ski jumps with inner thigh workout

You click this picture and it takes you to a whole list of thigh workouts and i used to do one of the perrie edwards ones not to get a thigh gap (ew) but to get better looking thighs and it worked so you will love this link it rocks.

tone thighs without lunges

Awesome ~ No Lunge Thigh Workout ~ Great ideas for people with bad knees or who are tired of lunges. Balancing on one leg is another great way to tone! Since I hate lunges, will give this a try.