Omega jjyi

Omega jjyi

indonesia , kuningan , jakarta selatan .  ·  iam a beauty agent of chanel fragrances, cosmetics and skin care . please buy original chanel product only @OmegaChanel FB : thank u :-
Omega jjyi
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Rp. 717.000 many skin colours

le blanc make-up base primer

Rp. 828.000 many skin colours

Compact Foundations Are Having a Moment: Say Hello to Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Douceur

Rp. 814.000 many skin colours

Chanel Le Blanc Light Mastering Whitening Compact Foundation in Beige Pastel. Perfect for acidic Asian skin. My choice for outdoor wedding :)

Rp. 703.000 many skin colours

many skin colours