Dear Sister.

To all the Mother's who sacrifice themselves to bring up their children righteously no matter what religion you are. Prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey!

#Allahswt #Islam #Deen

#Allahswt #Islam #Deen

Our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w taught us to always smile.. it's very easy to do.. moreover, it's sadaqah!

we will meet again" i am selling this peace for only: USD 6 (non color) USD 14 (full color) thank you so mu. until we meet again, insya Allah



Rabbin seni terk etmedi, sana darılmadı da….  (Duhâ Suresi-3)

Rabbin seni terk etmedi, sana darılmadı da…. (Duhâ Suresi-3)


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Chibi Muslimah 1 by TaJ92 on DeviantArt

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Peace be upon him

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Daughters in Islam.

Daughter Quotes: Daughters are shield for their parents from Hell Fire.

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Hijab Quotes, Muslim Couples, Muslimah Anime, Islam Muslim, Islamic Quotes, Arabic Quotes, Allah, Marriage, Happiness

Ibn alkhattab

11 Basic Rights of Wives in Islam According to Quran and Hadith

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