People feel that this isn't a big deal, because there's other works that are more complex. But, don't you see? This was not written by our prophet (saw) as he was illiterate. The true awe comes from the fact that we believe Allah wrote this and sent it down. God, the creator of all things...think about it, seriously just think.

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“Symmetrical linguistic miracle of Ayat ul-Kursi. [Not a hadith]”

10 Tips to Bring Barakah in Your Life And Wealth

“Recite the Qur’an for indeed it will come on the Day of Judgment as an intercessor for its Ashaab (those who read, memorize and implement it).” [Sahih Muslim] Aforementioned Hadith indicates the…

Ameen - Dua before bedtime

Dua before sleeping Muslim / Islam / religion / guidance / truth

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Islam With Allah #

But #Allah is your protector. [3:150] #faith #islam #muslim #quran #quranmajeed #quranlines #quranverses #dailyquran

100 Best Inspirational Islamic Quotes about Life [Meaningful Quotes]

Best Islamic quotes and sayings with beautiful pictures featuring about love, life and character. Majority of Muslims share beautiful Muslim quotes images.

Always seek Allah swt

Oh Allah, permudahlah.

Duaa to remove anger and stubbornness

Remember your purpose.

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