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Naomi Intan

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Naomi Intan
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DIY display shelves using cheap frames... SO cute and easy!

DIY Frames for Wall Decor: Turn the simple frames from the local thrift store into these expensive frames by attaching wood to all sides and hang on wall. Low budget with high impact DIY project for your home decor!

'Shake it' confetti wrap // Christmas edition

'Shake it' confetti wrap in action: wrap your present in paper, sprinkle with confetti and then wrap in plastic wrap/cellophane. Swap the colours for metallics for a Christmas vibe.

Confetti wrapping

Novel Confetti Wrap::Cover box in solid color wrapping paper, apply spray adhesive to top of package, sprinkle with confetti, write message (if you want) and cover with clear cellophane or plastic wrap!

10 of the Best Coconut Milk Smoothie Recipes on #smoothie #recipe

Low carb milk creations ☺ How to Make Coconut Milk Whipped Cream “Whipped coconut milk cream is easy, delicious, and vegan too! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to make coconut milk whipped cream.” 20 of the Best Paleo Coconut Milk Smoothie Recipes

DIY Decorating – Make Your Own Beautiful Dream Catchers   #diy #craft

DIY Heart Dream Catcher for valentines day craft. This is a heart shaped outline of dream catcher. It is attract most girls so girls will be the costumers for this. Also, the boys could send it to girls as a gift.