Who says Women in Islam doesn't look elegant on the beach?

The traditional Abaya Styles is a simple black dress worn by Muslim women to cover their usual clothes - Socialbliss

Esarp - that's beautiful.

Different veils worn by Muslim women around the world

A Guide to Islamic Head Coverings (not everything is a burqa) It is a gesture of respect, not submission.

Color combination is perfect. But I prefer the pants to be more loose.

Hipster Hijabis - Summer Albarcha Modest Fashion

We pay tribute to Hipster Hijabis' 18 coolest OOTD pics, to inspire anyone who dresses modestly for religious reasons — or just loves a good maxi skirt.

Keep calm and carry on covering  for the sake of Allah

Islam is the most beautiful religion! It allows girls to cover up so they may preserve their dignity and remain modest. AlhamduliAllah for such an amazing religion!