Chinese New Year Recipes

By far the most important holiday of the year, Chinese New Year is the time to cook the most and best food and enjoy it with those closest to you. Dumplings are…
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the top 10 chinese dumpling recipes on a plate with chopsticks and sauce
Top 10 Chinese Dumpling Recipes
Chinese New Year celebrations are so much fun, but without tasty dumplings, it would never be complete. Start a new tradition this year and make dumplings for yourself, or learn a new recipe to dazzle your guests with.
an image of savory tofu with an impossible meat filling
Savory Tofu Dango Stuffed with Vegan Impossible Meat Filling - All Purpose Veggies
Looking for a plant-based meal that the whole family can enjoy? Try these Savory Tofu Dango Stuffed with Vegan Impossible Meat Filling! Made with mashed silken tofu, mochiko flour, and a hint of salt, these homemade dango balls are not only easy to make but also incredibly satisfying. The star of the show is the flavorful vegan Impossible Meat filling, which adds a savory twist to every bite. #tangyuan #chinesenewyear #asianrecipes #mochi #tofurecipe #impossiblemeat
two bowls filled with green olives and the words quick & easy matcha tang yuan
Healthier Matcha & Sweet Potato Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls) Recipe for Lunar New Year - All Pur
These matcha & sweet potato "Tang Yuan" is made only using 4 ingredients with sweet potatoes as the main ingredient. They're also gluten-free and vegan! #tangyuan #chinesenewyear #asianrecipes #mochi #matcha
Top Chinese New Year Recipes
Every time I browse a web page or chat with friends about Chinese New Year, it consistently amazes me how the traditions around the most important festival in China can be so different between families. I’m sharing this delicious roundup today, to give you some cooking inspiration based on my understanding of Chinese New Year. Find the full list here →
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Top 10 Chinese Dumpling Recipes for Chinese New Year
Start a new tradition this year and make dumplings for yourself, or learn a new recipe to dazzle your guests with. Here are some of my favorite Chinese dumpling recipes you need to try out for Chinese New Year!
Chinese Prosperity Cake
Fa Gao, or Chinese prosperity cake, is a light and fluffy steamed sweet cake topped with jujubes. Make this celebratory cake for Chinese New Year to bring in good fortune! Ingredients: - brown sugar - water - white sugar - all-purpose flour - instant yeast - egg - jujubes Get the full recipe here -
an image of chinese steamed fish on a plate with chopsticks and sauce in the background
Chinese Steamed Fish
Chinese steamed fish is always a centerpiece on the dinner table at Chinese New Year and other celebratory occasions. Not only is the fish juicy and extra fragrant, it has a stunning appearance and symbolizes good luck.
chinese walnut cookies on a plate with oranges and nuts in the background text overlay reads,'chinese walnut cookies '
Chinese Walnut Cookies
Celebrate Chinese New Year with these walnut cookies that have a crispy and crumbly texture and heavenly walnut aroma. They also go perfect with tea and can be enjoyed at any time of day.
a bunch of cookies that are sitting on a wire rack next to some wine glasses
Chinese Almond Cookies
These cookies are not your traditional Chinese almond cookies. They have a fluffier and cakier texture, browned edges that are light and crispy, with a slightly chewy, sticky, and soft interior. These cookies have a well-balanced buttery sweetness and nutty taste. They are easy to make and perfect for Chinese New Year and holiday gifting.
two pictures showing different types of vegetables and meats in the same pan, one is stir fry
Buddha’s Delight (Jai, Chinese Vegetarian Stew)
An epic vegetable stew that features colorful vegetables, tender vermicelli noodles and fried tofu braised to perfection in a savory earthy sauce. Whether you’re making this as the centerpiece of your dinner party or Chinese New Year celebration, or you simply want something hearty and healthy for dinner, this is the dish for you! {Vegan, Gluten-Free Adaptable}
a large bowl filled with lots of food
Nut Free Wok - Allergy Aware Asian Fare
Chinese New Year vegetable stew, “jai” is sometimes called Buddha’s Delight or Lo Han Jai. Chinese people usually eat vegetables (or mostly vegetables) on the first day of the lunar new year and Chinese New Year jai is one of the traditional dishes that my mom, my aunts, and grandmother made.
various pictures of different foods and dishes with text overlay reading bring good luck & happiness with these lunar new year recipes
Great Lunar New Year Recipes
Celebrate Lunar New Year with a menu of auspicious dishes, from Chinese almond cookies to chashu fried rice. May these recipes bring happiness and good fortune to your new year celebration!
chinese chicken dumplings on a black plate with dipping sauce and seasoning in the background
Chinese Chicken Dumplings (鸡肉饺子)
Crispy Chinese chicken dumplings feature a juicy ground chicken filling and are loaded with vegetables. Not only for celebrating Chinese New Year and other festivals, these dumplings are a great weekday snack because you can make them ahead and they freeze well.
the menu for chinese new year is shown in this collage with different dishes and ingredients
Menu Ideas for Chinese New Year
I’ve planned a few themes for everyone, no matter whether you want to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the traditional style or entertain guests from all over the place.