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Medusa And Greca Ring

Gotta have this bad boy Gold Versace Medusa Ring

Diggin this combination

Recently, I've been loving the mustard yellow pants on men. Its actually a great color that retains masculinity, while adding some more diverse colors to your wardrobe.

Man in Pink | Black and White

Awesome white shirt with black elbow patches. Such a polished look.

The Perfect Modern Suit for The Modern Man.      Gentlemen, please wear your clothing correctly.  =)

The Perfect Modern Suit For The Modern Man [INFOGRAPHIC] This is great style information for men (and women who dress/shop for their men), Resources

Suits 101

mens suit styles explained - collars, cuffs and suit cuts. Everything a groom needs to know for wedding day attire.

Bow ties are cool.

Bow ties are so classy! Learn how to tie a bow tie and types of bow ties.

Wine Chart.

Red and White wine Info Chart

Helmut Lang - Weathered Shearling Jacket

If should ever buy a leather hacket! Helmut Lang - Weathered Shearling Jacket (woah, that hood and neckline are rad!

Wagyu Beef from Yakiniku Hanatora

Hakata Wagyu: Wagyu Beef from Yakiniku Hanatora. REALLY craving wagyu right now, you have *no* idea.

Australian Blackmore Wagyu beef

Australian Blackmore Wagyu beef, which from what FooDiva tasted recently at Al Maha is good enough to rival original Wagyu from Kobe in Japan (pre-Fukushima