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Cinnamon Apple Rings //

Cinnamon apple rings - Pampered Chef Apple tools make quick work! The Corer, or the Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer! - A quick and delicious snack of sliced apple rings dipped in a yogurt batter, fried, and topped with cinnamon-sugar.

Roasted Strawberry, Brie + Chocolate Grilled Cheese Recipe

Brie,strawberry and dark chocolate Grilled Cheese. You had me at "Brie". I fell to my knees at "strawberry and dark chocolate" and begged you to never leave me at "grilled cheese". I may never make this for myself, but I will dream about it.

Suits - MEN Doublju. #infographic #suit #menstyle #menswear

vent suits, single breasted suits, Men' double breasted suits, Men's plus size suits . Fine Suit with right length and perfect shoulder fit is must have item for men!

Pallet kitchen shelf [NOOOO STOP PUTTING PESTICIDE/CHEMICALLY TREATED WOOD IN YOUR HOUSE!] ...but I totally would love something like this (made out of not-pallets) one day

This would not go with anything in my kitchen but I love the idea of it. -Pallet kitchen shelf in pallet kitchen diy pallet ideas with Shelves Pallets Kitchen DIY Pallet Ideas(Diy Pallet Bar)