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a person holding a coffee mug with the words today is your day written on it
three eggs are sitting in an egg tray on a table next to some other eggs
Pottery eggs
two wedding rings are placed on a decorative plate next to some other decorations and beads
Stand With Ukraine Ceramic Stamps Bisque Clay Stamps Tools for Ceramics Pottery Supply Hand Carved Seals Set of 3 Double-ended Stamps - Etsy
a hand holding a blue whale tail shaped dish
two plates with strawberries on them are shaped like whale tails and one is painted blue
Whale Melamine Serving Platter
Whale Melamine Serving Platter
a small figurine is sitting on top of a blue and white plate,
a toy bee sitting on top of a purple flower
there is a cookie in the cup that says biscuit pocket
a person holding a slice of bread with a face drawn on it
two pink bowls with hearts painted on them