Et un et deux et trois coiffée!

First you fold a square scarf into a triangle. Next you place the middle triangle on the top of your head. After that you take the two corners on each side and overlap them. The fourth step is twisting them together. The last step is pulling them back beh

Black Hijeb

Women's Black Long Belted Shirt Dress

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Awesome Clothing For Muslim girl abaya islamic clothing for women muslim jilbab cotton style.


SHUKR's long dresses and abayas are the ultimate in Islamic fashion. Halal standards, ethically-made, international shipping, and easy returns.

New hijab collection for elegant eve – Just Trendy Girls

A new hijab fashion collection has been launched by Egyptian fashion designers. A new collection for any fashion designer is regard as a new

Ways a hijabi can wear denim with white outfit – Just Trendy Girls

As an eco-hijabi I love wearing denim, basically because it’s made of natural materials, which makes it environmentally friendly.

Middle Eastern Fashion!

My British cousin got me something really similar to this. When you have fashionista European cousins, even the most modest stuff I get spoiled with looks sooo siiiick.

Pinterest: just4girls

Pinterest: just4girls