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a building with stairs leading up to it
Bendigo Art Gallery | Fender Katsalidis Architects -
an outdoor dining area with wooden tables and chairs on the deck, surrounded by shipping containers
7 Benefits of Having A Container House
a large wooden building with many windows on the front and side of it that says warda
Gallery of Crafting a Retail / Metropolitan Studio of Architecture - 8
the outside of a restaurant with wooden tables and benches in front of it at dusk
wahaca southbank experiment: shipping container restaurant
people are standing outside the entrance to a pizza shop at night with bright lights on
Why You Should Go for a Shipping Container Restaurant - Architecture
the sign for siame group in front of some trees and bushes on a sidewalk
Siamese Gioia Sales Gallery, Bangkok
there is a building that has a sign on the side and people are sitting outside
Hotel Avalon Starbucks
elZinc Graphite is a custom color of architectural zinc pre-weathered to a very dark, almost black, shade of grey. The beautiful dark hue of elZinc Graphite complements a building’s geometry nicely. It has the ability to either blend in or stand out depending on its surroundings. It is also very popular due to its purity and sobriety in architecture. Location: Alpharetta, GA Project Type: Facade System: Flatlock Panels Material: elZinc Graphite Fabricated by: MetalTech-USA
a sign on the side of a building that says design not co - one house
네이버 블로그
the exterior of a restaurant with blue shipping containers on it's sides and tables in front
wahaca southbank experiment: shipping container restaurant
an outdoor dining area with tables and lights on the side of a shipping container building
16 Inspiring Shipping Container Homes of All Shapes and Sizes
an outdoor swimming pool with lounge chairs next to it
Alexis Dournier builds trio of tropical villas in Bali's surfing haven Uluwatu